Inovelli Blue - use transition with HomeAssistant light.turn_on service?

This may be a dumb question, but is there a way to do transitions with the blues? Usually with HomeAssistant i use the light.turn_on service and add a transition: 5 for a 5 second transition. But this doesn’t seem to work with the Blues as the light just turns on. Been playing with the remote ramp rate setting too without much luck.

Using Zigbee2MQTT if that matters/helps.

Yeah this would be nice to have implemented, right now my logs get spammed with No converter available for 'transition' (10) as adaptive lighting adjusts the brightness of lights. This is a pretty standard feature on most lights so it would be nice to have here as a way to override the remote dimming rate

Huh, I don’t get an error when I do a transition. But yeah it’s a standard feature and shocked it’s not supported.

FWIW, light.turn_on/off works for me with transition times. I did have a problem with turn_off setting the current level to 0, which then caused the light come on fully dimmed if I subsequently used the paddle to turn it on. But the on/off with transition does work. I am using ZHA, so maybe that’s the difference?

Hmm, so maybe it’s an issue in Z2M. Interesting. I did also find this thread which indicates a bug, so I’ll try playing with that.