Inovelli Blue - use transition with HomeAssistant light.turn_on service?

This may be a dumb question, but is there a way to do transitions with the blues? Usually with HomeAssistant i use the light.turn_on service and add a transition: 5 for a 5 second transition. But this doesn’t seem to work with the Blues as the light just turns on. Been playing with the remote ramp rate setting too without much luck.

Using Zigbee2MQTT if that matters/helps.

Yeah this would be nice to have implemented, right now my logs get spammed with No converter available for 'transition' (10) as adaptive lighting adjusts the brightness of lights. This is a pretty standard feature on most lights so it would be nice to have here as a way to override the remote dimming rate

Huh, I don’t get an error when I do a transition. But yeah it’s a standard feature and shocked it’s not supported.

FWIW, light.turn_on/off works for me with transition times. I did have a problem with turn_off setting the current level to 0, which then caused the light come on fully dimmed if I subsequently used the paddle to turn it on. But the on/off with transition does work. I am using ZHA, so maybe that’s the difference?

Hmm, so maybe it’s an issue in Z2M. Interesting. I did also find this thread which indicates a bug, so I’ll try playing with that.

were you able to fix the issue where when you use light turn_off the light turns on fully dim after you use the paddle to turn it on? I have the same issue

For me, the issue only happened when I used light.turn_off with a transition time. If I leave the transition time unset, it works fine. I was fine with the default transition time in my automations, so I just removed the transition time and it worked well enough for my purposes. (It looks like I said the opposite in my original comment above. It’s definitely leaving the transition time unset that works for me.)

FWIW, here’s the thread about my issue: Issue with HA automation resetting Blue Dim Level

@EricM_Inovelli would it be possible to ask the manufacturers to support transition commands in an upcoming FW release? I use Adaptive Lighting as well and my logs are constantly spammed with errors since the blue’s do not support receiving transition commands. I would assume this also means the reds don’t support it either.

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Is this something that just needs to be added to the converter? I am able to use a transition time on other hubs. Just something that needs to be updated on Z2M?

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The Blue and Red devices definitely support commands with transitions. I don’t know a lot about HA (I use Hubitat migrated over from SmartThings) and if they’re not working for you its more likely to be something specific to the HA environment

I just remembered that earlier versions of WebCore didn’t support transitions and I had to work with the WebCore developer to add it and I’ve been using transitions ever since. (the HE Rule Machine always had it) However that was several years ago and I’m not even sure if WebCore runs on HA or not. But it might be a clue that could be a Node Red limitiation (if you’re using Node Red on HA)

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Must be the converter for Z2M then, because it definitely does not work for it.

Can you confirm your HA/Z2M version? I just tested turning on a light with a 30 second transition and did not see any errors.

I currently have the problem with ZHA using HA 2023.8.1 where when I use the transition time for dimming and then try to turn on from the paddle it turns on at 0%. I have light switches on both 2.14 and 2.15 that both have this issue. However, I do see that on/off transition times are respected for me and I don’t see any errors

There’s a defaultLocalLevel parameter that you can set to whatever brightness you’d like when you turn the switch back on. That doesn’t solve for being able to default back to the prior brightness (before issuing the transition to off command), but it’s a good solution for most use cases. I should maybe assume you have a use case for that, though, based on you posting it :upside_down_face:

Changing a param on the switch seems like a weird workaround to me and it’s not exposed directly in ZHA. If there are no reasons why it shouldn’t be exposed I can make the PR to expose them this weekend

The error says “No converter available for ‘transition’” and if the switch supports it, I would say it just needs the converter updated

Just bumping this up since transitions were brought up here.
Currently on Z2M v 1.33.2 and the transition command is still causing an error.

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I’m also using Adaptive Lighting and have it set to groups with bulbs and switches together (I want the brightness level indicated by the switch’s LED bar). AL’s morning and evening adjustments result in this error spamming the logs. I’m also running zigbee2mqtt v1.33.2.

This is a Z2M issue and should be posted as an issue on their GH. Let us know when resolved though.